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Portuguese Classes for Foreigners

Vendedor: Solange Postorivo
País:  Brasil  Brasil
Região: Rio de Janeiro
Zona: Rio de Janeiro
Morada: Rua Aprazivel ,14 , Santa Teresa
Morada: 20241270 Rio de Janeiro
Telefone: (55-21) 91094110
Email: Enviar email
Data: 28-05-2020
Estado: novo
Preço:  R$1000.00

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Learn Portuguese language in 4 weeks.
The programme used in this course will include the basic Portuguese Grammar, Lecture, Conversation class, Oral and Written exercises, Songs, Magazines, Newspapers, Films.
The classes are funny and based on communicative process with focus on the conversation. The students will be stimulated to express themselves on the idom that they are learning (Portuguese).
2 hours per day .
From Monday till Friday.
Material is included.
By the end of the course, the student will be able to develop a conversation with the locals, pick up phone calls , write messages, lecture of simple texts, manuals and messages, ask about directions outside the house, go to supermarket and order the products and ask general informations in different places in Rio de Janeiro.
Price: R$ 1000
4 weeks class + Materials
We can also offer Conversation Courser for intermediary-advanced level students.
Contact: Mrs. Sol
Phone: (55-21) 2507-4442
Mobile: (55-21) 91094110

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